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Warren spent the majority of his career at the Justice Department prosecuting complex white collar crime, including investment fraud, Medicare fraud, and foreign corruption.Among other high-profile cases, he successfully prosecuted Robert Allen Stanford and other executives at Stanford Financial Group for orchestrating one of the largest frauds in history, a billion Ponzi scheme. Warren earned multiple accolades from the Justice Department and federal law enforcement agencies, including the 2013 Attorney General Award for Trial Litigation.

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Add to that the prevalence of social media icons actually asking you to copy posts with just a click.

The letter, aside from being rude and priggish, demanded ,000 for some unarticulated harm. The first is probably fairly obvious: it tells you to stop doing that thing you are doing and fix whatever harm you’ve caused by doing it.

Inaman has responded by raising over 0,000 for charity. The demand to stop is based on a claim the author, or the author’s client, has a legal right to do or have something and you are interfering with that right.

Legal action is generally reserved for those who have damaged the copyright holder or have received a benefit that should rightly belong to the image owner.

The majority though can be rectified with little more than a letter asking for removal of the infringing work.

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