Dating gospel of mark

The non-literary writing style and syntactical features probably indicate that the author's first language was not Greek, but rather a Semitic language such as Aramaic ^[1]^.The author also includes vivid details that are unnecessary to the flow of the narrative, an indication that the author is writing from eyewitness accounts ^[2]^.As a result of its proximity to original sources, the Gospel of Mark has transformed from a book disregarded for its lowly prose to one of the most important books in the New Testament.Its historical importance has affected its evaluation by literary scholars as well.

The explanation of Jewish customs (e.g., 7:3; ; ) and the translation of Aramaic expressions into Greek (e.g., ; ; , 34; ; ; ; , 34) indicate that they probably were not Aramaic-speaking Jews (Wallace, 1998).Strictly speaking, the work is anonymous, in that no claim of authorship is inherently made within the letter itself.However, there is evidence both in Scripture and in history to support John Mark, cousin of Barnabas (Colossians ), early traveling companion of Paul (Acts ), and spiritual son of Peter (I Peter ) as the author of the gospel.It is usually thought that Mark's Gospel was written about A. 65 and that the author of it was neither one of the apostles nor an eyewitness of the majority of the events recorded in his Gospel.Matthew was therefore dependent on the writing of such a man for the production of his book.

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