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In 1897, the name was modified again, as another son, George J. These found favor with women buyers, but were not popular with men at the time (who considered wristwatches feminine).

The company did not return to making wristwatches for men until World War I, when military use made wristwatches acceptable for men to wear.

Gruen was one of the most expensive and prestigious watch brands available in America. Right: A Gruen Semi Thin from the 1920s, with a gold-filled case.Unlike the original Veri Thin "V" calibers these were actually not produced by Gruen anymore , but by "Lavina - Manufacture d'Horlogerie DUBOIS-PESEUX & Cie" Villeret, Switzerland.About 1945 a larger 17 3/4 Ligne derivative was added to the line up, caliber 385 17j and 386 15j.The Ultra Thin models were part of the pricey Dietrich Gruen line, which will be described later.The cost of an Ultra Thin, as shown in the 1929 catalog, ranged from 5 The Ultra-Veri Thin was a less-expensive alternative to the Ultra Thin, occupying a niche between the Ultra Thin and the regular Veri Thin.

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