Play cat girl dating sim who is bruno mars dating 2016

People have tried to mix video games and sexy times together since computers were a thing, but they don't always mix so well.

Perhaps it's just as well that a lot of titles in Steam's dating sim genre don't take themselves all that seriously.

To officially christen this new position, I’ll be taking over Jaz’s weekly Digital Gems column from here on out, as independently developed and overlooked games are kind of my bread and butter.

As the new warden of Digital Gems, and in honor of today's romantic holiday, I've decided to spotlight a genre near and dear to my heart: dating simulators. Lucky because I don’t have to navigate the app-ridden, anxiety-inducing scene of modern dating (thank you, long-term relationship). I’ve still been to bars and parties with friends, the Tinder-frequenting type, where someone whips out their phone and suddenly we’re ooing and awing, collectively swiping through the Maybes and Definitelys and No Ways that cross the phone’s screen.

The act of dating has always been a challenge of navigating choices, like choosing a restaurant to eat at, or a movie to go see, or a person that piques your interest enough to pursue romantically.

Dating has been lightly gamified since the dawn of courting.

I also owned Horsez (why not "Horzez" that would be twice teh kewls) which was the glitchiest game and also dumb, hard and kind of boring.

I actually owned (and still own) this game as a kid.

In the past I’ve written for Kill Screen, The AV Club, Waypoint, Polygon, and IGN, and I’m looking forward to writing (a whole lot more) here!But unlike Horsez, Catz is thankfully much more enjoyable. The graphics are very easy on the eyes and give this game a colorful boost.It's fairly cute and cuddly, but sometimes the art style shifts slightly at certain points, the greatest contrast being the cartoony human portraits and the realistic cat ones. And now for the grace of thine ears, the sound rating.In our previous Digital Gems, Jaz highlighted a few of the best walking simulators within the subdued genre.And this week's edition couldn't be more different, honestly.

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