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And there were, in truth, not one but two Dulleses, the other being John Foster's younger brother Allen, who ran the CIA for President Eisenhower while his sibling ran State.In retrospect, the Dulles duumvirate may have been the high-water mark of the Wasps, the caste, mostly from old families from the north-east, wealthy, Ivy League-educated, and often inter-connected, that once ran America – people like the Dulleses, Averell Harriman, Paul Nitze, and George Kennan, who glided between government, high finance, and top law firms, certain that all would be well in a world run by people like themselves.

Evidence from recent excavations in the northwest Kimberley show that humans occupied the northern coastline as early as 36,000 and recent dating of art in Sulawesi to 40,000 suggests that they may have already developed sophisticated artistic skills at this time.

University of New England archaeologist, Dr June Ross explained “dating Kimberley rock art remains the greatest obstacle to be addressed if the significance of the assemblage is to be recognised on a world stage”.

Researchers trialed three different dating techniques on a range of rock art styles with kangaroo and yam-style motifs.

Why "Dulles", you may wonder: does that refer to a nearby village or river in this particular neck of Northern Virginia, or some evicted Indian tribe, or local landed family?

In fact, our mighty regional transport hub was named after John Foster Dulles, former Secretary of State, who died in 1959, mourned at the time by his country as one of its most brilliant lost statesmen.

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