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The label genderqueer has a lot of overlap with non-binary.

Non-binary is often seen as the preferred term, as "queer" may be used as a transphobic insult.

Whilst Australia prides itself in its multiculturism, with over 80 languages spoken, the predominant language spoken in Australia is basic English, but as with other countries, there is a distinct and sometimes colourful local variation.

It is helpful to understand all the variants, but it is not necessary to survive your stay here.

Question from chat room: Can the same tips be used in same-sex relationships? In many ways they are different than heterosexual relationships.

They do not have the same kind of power struggles that men and women have but they really need to work on repairing things when they become very negative. Question from chat room: How can I volunteer for the Love Lab? John Gottman: You can call our toll-free number at 888-523-9042.

aggro - aggressive amber fluid - beer ant's pants - height of fashion, or to think highly of yourself arvo - afternoon Aussie - Australian av-a-go-yer-mug - traditional rallying call, particularly at cricket matches ay - pardon me back o'Bourke - back of beyond, middle of nowhere barbie - barbecue barking up the wrong tree - labouring under a misapprehension barrack - cheer on a team at sporting event, support your team battler - trier, struggler beanie - ski hat beat around the bush - not getting to the point beaut, beauty, bewdie - great, fantastic belt up - stop talking!

Question from chat room: If a couple fails to have those characteristics you consider essential to a healthy marriage, should they give up on the relationship? John Gottman: Let me say that the characteristics are not in the people. Question from chat room: How long does it take to evaluate an average couple for compatibility? John Gottman: We can evaluate a marriage in three hours. It's absolutely possible to find out if you really match with one another.Now with the advent of streaming services and web series, finding your latest entertainment fix is just a click away.While you’re waiting for is a Chicago-based web series that’s filling a void for queer communities of color.Be warned, unless you are absolutely sure of a phrase, do not use it.Slang used in America or England may not mean the same as over here.

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