Doctors backdating medical certificates

When you work out the number of days that you've been sick, you need to count all the days in a row you've been sick, including days you don't normally work such as weekends and bank holidays. Or if you are getting hospital treatment, ask for one from your hospital doctor.

Your doctor will assess you, and if they decide your health affects your fitness for work, they can issue a fit note and advise either that: Your doctor will choose the "may be fit for work" option if they think that you are able to do some work even if it not your usual job – with support from your employer.

Employers are sometimes confronted with medical certificates that relate to past events — in support of personal leave claims by employees.

Are employers obliged to accept such backdated certificates?

There is never a charge from a doctor for providing a fit note if you're off sick from work for more than seven days.

I would love to know how empty the medical clinics would be if this stupid requirement was abolished, like really, it would instantly solve any kind of shortage of doctors.Not to mention going out in the cold walking between cars making myself even sicker. We also know the best option is to stay warm, get lots of rest and drink many fluids.That is nearly the exact opposite of going to the doctor.A medical certificate is documentary proof of illness from a registered medical practitioner stating that the employee will be/was unfit for work.A medical certificate is generally regarded as irrefutable proof the employee was legitimately absent from work because of the stated illness or injury.

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