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Some of the functionality that Flite Deck Pro offers is:· Direct access to charts, including engine-out and customer-inserted charts· Display and loading of ATC-cleared routes· Quick creation of temporary and permanent user waypoints· Importing flight plan routes· Ability to save your flights· Flight sharing between i Pads· Direct access to High IFR, Low IFR, and VFR enroute themes· Enhanced filtering of enroute map objects· Searchable in-app help system· SID and STAR transition points rendered on the map Flite Deck Pro enhances your situational awareness with the:· Optional display of ownship on approach charts, taxi charts, and the enroute map· Automatic switch to a taxi chart upon landing· Track Up and North Up enroute map orientations· Distance calculations with the offset indicator· Optional night theme for optimal viewing in low-light conditions· Custom keyboard that allows you to enter flight information quickly and easily Options to customize Flite Deck Pro include:· Customer configuration of global settings· Display of company-specific engine-out charts· Access to customer-inserted charts **This app requires a data subscription, available separately. Also, the method for sorting saved flight plans is faulty.

Contact your Jeppesen account manager for details.*** This app crashes and slows to a crawl on my i Pad Air so often it is ridiculous. Every time I search for a particular flight plan I have to select sort by name. Some charts are formatted for horizontal viewing but the frequency are viewed in the vertical view.

There are multiple reasons why an i Pad may begin running slow, including an app running in the background or simply a slow Internet connection. The most common reason for an i Pad to start chugging along is an issue with apps running in the background.

While this is more common with older i Pads that don't have the processing power of the new i Pad Air line and i Pad Pro tablets, even the newest i Pad can bog down.

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In this video PIREP, you'll go flying to see Connext in action, including how the Garmin Pilot app works as the hub for everything.

Best of all, the app is free so you can follow along.

Modern electronic flight bag (EFB) apps are jammed with so many features that a lot of pilots don't even know about some of the less popular options.

You will first see the Apple logo on the screen and your i Pad should boot up shortly.

Your i Pad should run more quickly but, if it starts bogging down, keep in mind the apps that are running at the time.

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