Dating site monetization

The real value of a dating script is usually determined by the best price-to-performance ratio, company record, product flexibility, etc.

In this sense Ska Date Dating Software is often the preferred choice for both industry professionals and startupers looking for a solution to satisfy their varied and specific goals.

Developing a name for your dating site is crucial in brand building.

In many cases the choice of a domain name is a key to dating site success.

Micro payments are very popular in Eastern Europe and Russia (see and are becoming common in other countries (see Plentyof Fish, Oasis, Ok Cupid).

Some sites start completely free and become “freemium”.

For instance, visitors are much more likely to find your site quickly if they associate it with the name you picked, and simply add at the end.

Today, users spend almost 90 minutes1 of their day sifting through myriad potential partners, in search of the "perfect fit".

There are various ways to monetize your online dating website.

A lot of new dating websites prefer to offer free membership with additional paid services.

The same happens when new users enter your website; if it looks cool and easy to use, they stay and return more and more. So, choose a stylish and professional template from our Premium Ska Date Dating and Social Networking Site Templates.

Well, when your dating site starts to get popularity, it brings you money.

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