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Is it fair to say Kristen Stewart hates the couple now, she surely must hate FKA Twigs, so why not Tom and Sienna?If Kristen Stewart still had feelings for Robert Pattinson, I can’t imagine she hate to find out that it was her very own friends who set Rob up with his new girlfriend.I have no memories of going on set with my parents – aside from Gulliver's Travels.'His father cast him in the TV special starring Ted Danson because he wanted a child actor he could talk to. I wasn't interested in going to school and they said, "You're not turning up", so we severed ties.The actor remembered: 'All I remember is occasionally having conversations with my father and then someone filming me.'He said: 'I left school early in my last year before I took my A-levels. Both sides appreciated it.'That rebellious streak certainly shows up in his distinctive scruffy, trendy style - his penchant for skinny jeans, pork pie hats, lumberjack shirts and skinny ties - and earned him the notice of fashion house Burberry who cast Tom and his fiancee Sienna in a moody black and white ad together.The reviewer for the Hollywood Reporter, David Rooney, singled out Tom's 'killer Broadway debut' performance, writing: 'He shows astonishing athleticism and expressive physicality, leaping from one surface to another with simian agility or shrinking into a huddled ball.

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Considering that Rob’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is also good friends with Tom and Sienna, I imagine this has turned into a very complicated pentagon of messy relationships.Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller are BFFs with Robert Pattinson, and according to a report from E!Online, they are the ones responsible for setting up Rob with FKA Twigs."It was like, ' There you are — that's what I have been missing,'" she said of raising her first child."Like we're both in on something only we know.

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