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The rider can choose to drive by a potential mate, stop to pick them up, or kick someone already in their ride straight to the curb.At the end of the day they’ll choose one match to join them for a romantic weekend getaway in the hopes of building a new relationship.

To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page.We figured the Loviest Holiday of the Year was a pretty good reason to highlight some of the most memorable offerings and rank them from worst to best, based on three categories. But what guy would turn down the opportunity to openly date (and make out with) 20 hot ladies all at once, and not even get in trouble for it? The longest relationship between a Bachelor couple -- five years -- was between Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado from season six, but the rest of them have fizzled within months, making any pairing an instant butt of jokes. We used to rate this higher before we started making drinking games out of cliche phrases like "amazing journey" and "the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER! That is so many kinds of wrong, we'll just leave it at that. Never really had a chance to get going, and we're sorry about that. TOTAL: 10 runner-up/lunatic Tiffany "New York" Pollard and gave her a platform all her own. We believed Pollard wanted to meet a man, but not as much as she wanted to be a F-list celebrity. (Note: One of those ex-suitors is now married to Jennifer Hudson. ) TOTAL: 15 desperately looking for someone to love.So, grab a box of See's Candies and some roses and join us for a trip down a "romantical" memory lane, won't you? ), so it was only a matter of time before MTV found a way to gimmick her out by granting her her own bi-sexual dating show, which lasted two seasons. Maybe Tila really was looking to settle down, but the way this show was set up --featuring male and female contestants, who were also hooking up on the side -- made that virtually impossible. Honestly, no good can come from a dating show on MTV. " Perhaps it wouldn't seem so cumbersome to sit through if it didn't drag on for two hours every week. Even if he was a "celebrity," it was hard to imagine that women were beating down the door, in hopes of scoring and aestetically-challenged, ex-crackhead who dressed like an old-school pimp and had more offspring than Octomom. Granted, Flav was no Prince Charming, but the women they brought on this show were some of the most horrifying people who've ever made it on a real life interpretation of this popular dating trend with a fun, engaging twist.And Ray J only adds to the excitement of this show.

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