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Narcissism is a concept in psychoanalytic theory, which was popularly introduced in Sigmund Freud's essay On Narcissism (1914).The American Psychiatric Association has had the classification narcissistic personality disorder in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) since 1968, drawing on the historical concept of megalomania.Narcissism is also considered a social or cultural problem.

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Riders are ranked fastest to slowest based on the elapsed time with the fastest time being the winner.The Big Bear Time Trial May 19 was marred by an incident along one of the mountain roads leading to Big Bear that afternoon.A passerby captured men releasing what appeared to be waste from an RV associated with Amgen along the side of the road mid afternoon.The PNC Bank Arts Center is a 10,800-seat outdoor amphitheatre concert venue located in Holmdel.PNC Financial Services agreed to a deal in 1996 under which it would pay .2 million for the naming rights, as part an effort by the Parkway Authority to avoid toll increases, a deal that was extended for another five years in 2006.

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