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There is also Meta Casting, which is when such a gag is used specifically to cause a resonance between the character and the audience.An actor can use this self-consciously for themselves for Adam Westing. He wanders the downtown streets carrying a painting he hopes to sell, encountering friends, who are on the cutting edge of new wave music, new painting, hip hop and graffiti. The film focuses on a day in the life of Basquiat, who needs to raise money to reclaim the apartment from which he has been evicted.Director Nick Castle's space-opera was a groundbreaking film - it was the first film to feature the extensive use of CGI -- most importantly, the integrated use of photo-realistic, computer-generated (CGI) models for all Gunstar vehicles or spaceships, or planet shots, rather than more traditional miniature models.

In this strange fantasy romantic comedy about an unusual love triangle, a home computer (manufactured by the fictitious Pinecone Computer Company) named Edgar (voice of Bud Cort), owned by nerdy San Franciscan architect Miles Harding (Lenny Von Dohlen), fell in love with his cello-playing upstairs neighbor girlfriend Madeline (Virginia Madsen).The increasingly-menacing and jealous Edgar developed interactivity and artificial intelligence after Miles (incorrectly called "Moles" by Edgar due to a set-up mis-spelling) doused champagne on the computer to prevent a heat buildup when its memory overloaded.The computer cleverly became a Cyrano-type character, serenading Madeline by mimicking her cello-playing, and writing love songs for her. With his rock and roll band, The Doors, he influenced the rock music scene as no other group had. A portrait of the explosive early-80's Manhattan art and music scene with the main focus on the provocative 19-year-old artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, already known for his excursions into street graffiti art and pioneering electro-beat. Despite the objections of his protective mother, William hits the road with an up-and-coming rock band and finds there's a lot more to write home about than the music. But with the help of disc jockey/publicist Alan Freed and fellow artists (including Bill Haley and the Comets and Little Richard), they hope to convince everyone that rock and roll is not as dangerous as the adults think. Biographical film about one of the most exciting and controversial figures of the '60s, Jim Morrison. Cast: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Deborah Harry, Kid Creole, Tuxedomoon, James White, Saul Williams, Walter Steding, Anna Schroeder, John Lurie, DNA, The Plastics.

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