Ex wife dating other men

Last week, hackers exposed the site’s 32 million users.

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But after awhile, the sort of magic that made that cell phone so appealing slowly fades until one day… But not say someone stole that cell phone from you.

Suddenly, you probably want that cell phone back more than anything. What a lot of girls do is tell their ex boyfriends that they’ve been sleeping with every guy in the neighbourhood. Men don’t want to be in relationships with girls that tend to “get around” if you know what I mean.

Not only was I reminded of the torture of discovering that my life partner, now 48, was cheating on a site that flat-out condoned extramarital affairs, but suddenly I could read the profiles my wife, who used the pseudonym Sophia, created during her two stints on Ashley Madison.

She paid to have each permanently deleted, but clearly, the company did no such thing.

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