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For years, Camden residents have asked city leaders for help in improving the city’s parks, saying that better fields help keep kids active and provide safe places for them to play.

Though most of Camden’s municipal budget comes from state funding, those who manage volunteer youth programs say that getting help from City Hall is a challenge.

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Many survivors fear they will not be believed or lack confidence in the criminal justice system and are concerned how their family and friends might react.

Join World War II and USS New Jersey veteran Charles Owens as he shares his experience aboard the Big J during a ceremony on the forecastle for the 74th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the …

Continued Experience the adult-side of the Battleship during this Curator-led tour on Wednesday, May 24 at 6pm.

: Clients can only be referred by the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Clients are eligible to come to the program within 24 months of their parole eligibility date.

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