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Well, the votes are in, the bikinis are on, and the Posse is in the Audience.I remember thinking to myself yesterday, "Wow, that weird that Roger Moore passed away before, Sean Connery, since he was obviously the younger of the James Bond actors." The a quick Google search revealed that Roger Moore was four years older than Sean Connery!?!?!?!?!? If you look at the photo above of Sir Roger Moore with Sir Sean Connery, Roger looks at least 10 years younger, yet in reality, he was 4 years older than Connery.I have also been noticing many people suggest that Roger Moore was the best Bond Actor, which I have heard some people say before.He was such an icon of our childhood." I never really thought about that, but I agree, and I think that for everybody who grew up watching Roger Moore play James Bond, this is so true.I kind of feel like when Roger Moore died yesterday, a small part of all of us died along with him.

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