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Whether you’re a new mom looking for answers or an empty nester ready to share your experience strength and hope, join the mom revolution where women are chatting away 24/7. - Need advice about pregnancy, parenting or family?

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“She said all of the Roblox characters had their clothes removed. She said a male character got on top of her and started making comments in the chat,” West told She wanted me to call Roblox and have it shut down.” The New Jersey mother of three says it was an important reminder of how easy it is for strangers to turn a wholesome-looking game into a dangerous situation. father Iain Morrison decided to give the Minecraft-like game a try, he was horrified by some of the messages and imagery he saw.Roblox brands itself as a way “to create adventures, play games, roleplay, and learn with friends.” The game is hugely popular with kids and teens, with 44 million monthly active users in December, according to the company.The game is available on PC, Mac, i OS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One.Start talking now, give and get support – no registration required -------Mom to Mom Chat is a community for moms that are talking about anything and everything in a safe, secure and private setting on your mobile phone. - Or just want to chat with people that understand and won’t judge you?Join the growing community where moms come together to get advice and support on topics like pregnancy, health, fashion, food, entertainment, and more.

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