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Ddnt give it 100% because of online video playback which skips and buffers constantly on phone and laptop. want the speed to be recorded in the video, so even if i save it to gallery, i can see the speed while streaming : D 3. If you add atleast 1&2, this will be the bestttttt : DOdlicna!Also cant wait for 720p cloud storage Excellent App!! allow to send the files via wifi direct and other apps like superbeam 4. Veliki plus je sto radi i sa zadnjom i sa prednjom kamerom.Before, there were consequences for uploading your antics to the web (ugly You Tube comments, the possibility that people will make fun of your dancing in the rain video for years to come). Just click Next when you're done entertaining (or alternatively gaping at) your current buddy, and here comes a new person for you to amuse.Here at, we are always working on ways to improve your experience. Also, it will help you add layers of SOLID COLORS for a faster base coat before you stamp! , well, it is an image that could help you to do GRADIENTS with more than 5 colors WITHOUT A SPONGE! , well, it is an image that could help you to do GRADIENTS with more than 5 colors WITHOUT A SPONGE!

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When it’s dark outside, decrease your smartphone brightness to avoid the second reflection on the windshield.It would be nice to have the speed and the street name printed on the video.The screen should turn off automatically and the video fragment should have more options like 30, 45 minutes, maybe even an hour.If you have any suggestions, or any ideas that would make it a better experience, please feel free to shoot them to us via email, or better yet, find us on cam!Edit your photos in wonderful ways, for free Enjoy more than 1,000 different stamp sets featuring cute doodles, fancy drawings, and witty character designs.

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