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In the case of the @We Speechies handle it rotates weekly, Sunday to Saturday, between clinicians and academics who are expert in their respective SLP/SLT fields, as well as @We Speechies followers who do not necessarily see themselves as 'experts' but who have interesting things to say and positive contributions to make. Please let @speechwoman or @bronwynhemsley know via Direct Message (DM in Twitter) if you are interested in taking a turn in the role of Curator.This involves administering the @We Speechies handle for one week (Sunday to Saturday), focusing on a topic within your area(s) of expertise or interest.Pain is a result of fear and tension and can de diminished through the use of hypnobirthing.I want to provide women with the knowledge and tools required for them to relax, stay calm, feel empowered and be in control of their birth.

Its purpose is to facilitate mutual support, helpful connections, sharing of peer reviewed articles and relevant links to websites and blog posts, and opportunities for professional encouragement colleague-to-colleague worldwide, in all areas of practice.

Alternatively, you might be a located in a British time zone but decide to run the chat at -pm Tuesday in a US time zone.

Having an exceptional vacation means an experience that is effortless, giving you the time to do more of what you love.

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO VOLUNTEER TO CURATE @We Speechies FOR A WEEK #We Speechies Seeks (experienced tweeter) volunteers to curate for a week.

Please DM The the term 'rotation curation' means that the ' Curator' role rotates.

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