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Though I can see why little ones would find Angela the talking cat fascinating.

Yesterday morning I found myself having two conversations about “Angela,” one with a Net safety expert in the UK via Skype and the other with one in Mexico via email.

Facebook Messenger The smart move for brands now is to invest in bots that can better fold into the interface of dominant app providers like Facebook and Google, as more independent efforts are doomed to fail against big name competition: Last year, Forrester Research released a study suggesting adult mobile users spend 80% of their in-app time with just five top apps (three of which are owned by Google).

While Google's plans for remain vague, one thing has become abundantly clear: That message on the other end of a customer service chat might not be coming from a person anymore.

The Chatbot hosting companies i use are personalityforge, Pandorabots, Chatbot4U, Love droids, Rebot me (back online), and SECOND EGO.

IF you use one of the companies consider donating to them.

If you’re a parent, you know how little kids often want to be like their older sibs and other “big kids” they look up to. Enter Talking Angela, an i Phone and Android app designed for teens (and the teenager in all of us) but not for little kids.

AS is true with any chat bot they interact with people and people don't always use the proper language so use any chat bot at your own risk.

Some online chatbots won't show up in mobile browsers.

Outfit7 is a well-known apps company, not a shadowy network of child-catchers….” I mentioned above that Talking Angela wasn’t designed for children. And not only can she be rude but she can detect you being rude and react appropriately….

IF you do not have room on your computer for software and/ or want to talk with some online chat bots then you will find the links here There are links to my own personal online chatbots, Botlibre Chatbots , Chatbot4u, Chatbots , Lovedroids Chatbots , Pandora Chatbots , Personalityforge Chatbots , Twitter Chatbots and links to various other kinds of online chatbots.

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