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Harding by Richard Zacks contains a chapter in which the author recounts looking through old court records from the 18th and 19th centuries.Mark Lucas, director of the Department of Student Life, sent the following statement late Wednesday afternoon: "Effective Nov.If you're visiting Athens and feel like an island break but only have one or two days to spare, the Argosaronic offers the perfect opportunity for a rejuvenating getaway.Most of its islands are just a couple of hours away by high-speed hydrofoil, with Aegina close enough to pop over to for lunch and be back by evening.

History Laid Bare: Love, Sex, and Perversity from the Ancient Etruscans to Warren G.

Another MU employee appearing in Schierbecker's video has been identified as Richard "Chip" Callahan, who chairs MU's Department of Religious Studies.

The English word "pederasty" in present-day usage might imply the abuse of minors in certain jurisdictions, but Athenian law, for instance, recognized consent but not age as a factor in regulating sexual behavior.

Ancient greek men had a culture that encouraged male bonding to the fullest extent possible including male on male sex. They just valued men that much and were extreme misogynists in the common historical meme goes. The did have a male dominated culture in general but we didn't spend much time on anal sex practices.

I am not sure I am buying it based on what I believe about innate sexual preferences but that is the standard line. The basic idea is that the ancient greeks didn't like women much and that sex with them was mainly for procreation.

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