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With so many choices, the big question is: “How do I know which Price Per Head provider or sports book to choose? By using software written by offshore sports books, agents or illegal credit bookmakers have the ability to outsource the writing of their business to companies like Therefore, the agent or bookmaker simply points their clients to a phone number and/or website and allows them to bet with a simple Pin/Password system. has become one of the top 10 most admired offshore companies (as measured by Online Gambling Magazine; Post-Up Newsletter; Offshore Operator Industry Magazine; and Many other Publications). A., Dalton Wagner has the reputation of being the most innovative operator in offshore gaming. During his gambling days, taking meals was considered by him as highly unwelcome interruptions.

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This new system is a departure from the way it used to work in which the agent would split the winnings or losings with the offshore sportsbook. The owner of the company has been called the Godfather of the Offshore Bookmaking Industry in many publications.

Obvious benefits of the Price Per Head Agency relationship are (i) improved earning potential for the agent, (ii) decreased legal exposure for the agent, (iii) increased customer service for the agent’s clients, and (iv) ability for the agent to do something other than answer wagering calls (they actually get time to enjoy the money they are earning). It is estimated that 90% of Costa Rica International Sportsbooks revenue is generated via revenue splits with Partner Agents and Bookmakers.

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