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one day while over there he said he wanted to show me something. I was about 22 at the time, and we all got drunk round at a flat my parent had that was empty at the time. We were fooling around, playing "doctors" when he suggested that we should get naked so the game would be more real. He was the seeker and I went into the Laundry room. I had just moved to the city, where my moms entire family lived in.

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It wasn't planned and maybe that's why it was so good. I used to fall in love with my straight friends, one after the other, sometimes we would talk about sex and get horny and ********** but I only once asked my friend to ********** me and he said no. Nwas showing off my collection of thongs to my buddy Dallas and he thought they were from girls I've hookedup with, while some were many were mine. Two of them, John and George were in my grade and the other was one year younger.

He convinced me to set up the projector and watch a **** movie. His parents were out and his older sister was inher room(for now ;)).

We were talking about girls and herandomly asked mehowbig mydick was. We were playing a racing game and I set a dare that if I won he had to lay face down till I said he could get up. Fast forward a year and we were playing COD Black Ops Zombies. When I was 14 and had the first sprouting of pubic hair I was back from school for the summer. I was walking in an area where I knew gay men cruised but I was not looking to be picked up.

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