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Gear up space cowboy, this is everything you need to know about Bungie’s blockbuster sequel. And if that news wasn't good enough, Bungie is going to reward to the PC faithful by making the PC version of the game 4K compatible.Yep, your favorite shooter is now going to have a 3840 × 2160 resolution.This is a dating sim for girls and is " Rose destiny's" sequel.

But recently we learned a little more about the arrangement. Second, it's going to be available exclusively through

I wouldn’t say I was disappointed by the Destiny 2 reveal but it was pretty much what I expected: the exact same game all over again, with all the changes being the sort of minor stuff that only fans will notice or understand.

I didn’t expect anything else because the first game was such a success it didn’t encourage Bungie to do anything else, so we were always destined to get a game that was basically the same but with better graphics.

But over time, and through the release of some major expansions including The Taken King and Rise of Iron, the game has built a reputation as a solid MMO shooter that looks and handles exceptionally well.

Three years on, fans are still flocking to it in their millions.

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