Whose taylor swift dating

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are a lot closer than expected at the Billboard Music Awards -- and he got the full GFE after she won an award.

Ok, Calvin wasn't the first person she hugged after winning Top Billboard 200 Album -- but he IS the only one who got an extended hug combined with a neck snuggle.

That reportedly occurred at the same time as Swift’s flight from Los Angeles to New York City to London, where she landed at Stansted airport.

That just happens to be the same place that her plane set down when she and Hiddleston visited his family this past summer.

They haven't exactly been undercover, but this qualifies as a full couple coming out. the seating chart called for Taylor to sit with 2 friends between herself and her BF.

The tabloid is reporting that a source is saying that Taylor is the one reaching out to the actor since she feels she is now more mature than she was when they dated back in 2010.

The reports about the potential for a reunion between Tom and Taylor don’t end with a plane flight.

“Tom is really being so supportive and telling her to be calm,” a source told Us at the time."Drake posted a picture with Taylor Swift and I have never been so stressed out!!! Drake, meanwhile, split again from Rihanna just weeks before his party.A source told Us that Ri Ri, 28, didn't "want to be held down," but was adamant that the pair were never serious.They’ve kept in touch, albeit secretly, ever since." This would all be so ironic since Taylor allegedly wrote the hit song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" from her album about the relationship after her ex's friend asked her if they were giving their relationship a second chance.“This guy walks in who is a friend of my ex’s and starts talking about how he’s heard we’re going to get back together. So I start telling them the story: break up, get back together, break-up, get back together — just, ugh, the worst!

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