Why online dating is bs

"Hey, so I'll already be at this place tonight anyway, so when you show up, you'll probably have to meet, like, five of my friends even though you're not even sure whether or not you like me. Also I have no idea what time I'll actually be there. I'll definitely make sure to clear my calendar on the off chance that you want to hang, especially since you'll probably just invite me to some sort of "Come by my place and I'll make you a peanut butter sandwich while I make an attempt to finger you" situation. Wanting to "meet up later" instead of making a plan.

See above, but this one is even more vague and also he'll probably never text you to actually do this.

Now, I know there are probably more sophisticated devices available, but this one fits nicely in my handbag and works on batteries.

If nothing else, you should know what you’re getting into before you consider signing up.After going down this road since I’ve been divorced, I have not yet given up on finding someone decent and honest.But in the meantime, I will carry my trusty bullshit meter in my handbag, located right next to my i Phone!!Don’t go into online dating expecting it to make things easier, because it really doesn’t.All it offers is another front for (theoretically) meeting new people to go out with.

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