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Michael Cera‘s George Michael and Alia Shawkat‘s Maeby Fünke are all grown up, and when IFC sat down with the actors behind the cousins-in-love during a recent press day with the cast, they said that their relationships with their family and with one another have changed in subtle ways.

“It’s kind of like in real life, like, it doesn’t really change at all,” Cera said.

For most of their careers, they’ve played young, lanky, sensitive types who serve as the moral center of movies where the adults (and other teens) behave in decidedly amoral ways.

The beefcake is a New York City financier, and he comes from money, too.But now, with two films opening May 24 (Solitary Man and Holy Rollers) Eisenberg is making a strong move for first place. The characters Cera and Eisenberg play are most notable for their innocence.Both actors are exceptional at standing around with squirmy, uncomfortable expressions on their faces while the other characters make asses of themselves.Wright became attached to the project, and filming began in March 2009 in Toronto.The film premiered after a panel discussion at the San Diego Comic-Con International on July 22, 2010.

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