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From RT: Six Mi G-23 fighter jets were destroyed in the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield in Homs province, but the runway remained intact, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.Florida wanted to watch me seduce, tease and flirt with random men.He wanted me to screw whoever I wanted when I wanted, and explicitly detail my sex life.and fooled around all morning until I left, frazzled and braless, to play a daytime showcase. It was 4 a.m.“If you were my girl, I wouldn’t be upset if you got with other guys and told me everything about it.Since then, we’d both been on the road, and so we’d been sexting: the ever-so-intimate telegraph of modern solo jerk-offs.“I want to tell you something,” Florida wrote. Everything.”Nowhere in my brain was there a particle that wanted to be anyone’s girl.

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