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3 things seem to matter in this game: your look, your sex points, your amount of money. Here is the formula that uses the game to determine how many money you can win: set income= set scenario ((quality total fame *2)/3) Then the real "set income" is between 1*(set income) and 1.2*(set income) based on luck with quality total = quality camera look*10 quality extra Value of "set scenario": Masturbating teen: 50 Hungry for more: 80 Naughty schoolgirl: 370 Boyfriend's birthday: 500 Seduced by a girl: 680 Call girl for a lady: 850 Time for a dessert: 950 My final exam: 850 Infidel wife: 1880 Dirty tricks: 2400 Bad housemaid: 2300 A night to remember: 4100 quality of the camera: 100 for the default camera 1000 for the second 2000 for the best.As usual in this game: you have to manage your time to improve these stats to see sex scenes. You can see that to win money more fastly, you have to unlock the scenarios as fast as possible.

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Camera Business is the latest game created by Lesson Of Passion, click on the thumbnail above to play. If you like this kind of the games, click also on the banner below to visit : I created this walkthrough for version 0.95 for the game.

its no tamin us Cuz you the real kind Its always camera time Tell the others get away let the star shine The money grind in the line for the fine wine The lights flash just to catch you at dinner time She love the camera in the digital form But when you see it yo its like she in the physical form She got arrested by a female cop And the bitch even made the mug shot look hot Your girlfriends try weak maneuvers But no matter what you do The bitches cant out do ya Your life's always in a Kodak moment Every picture that you take people always want it Tiga first try to pop they game Hopin one day to get you in a picture frame I tell you hoe you on top of you game You need to put money signs by the top of your name Cuz whether black or white Or even day or night The pictures that you take always come out tight They ask you to quit, you say hoe stop me And turn a house party into the papperazi She's in love with the camera theme Because behind every theme is a gang of cream The people fiend when you hit the scene Because you dance like a pro even in tight jeans The bitches like to watch, you say come and get me And if yo girlfriend fine ya'll can even switch me She's vanilla what and yous the dark coffee We make a party and you never have to get up off me She's in love wit the cameras stares And even tho they don't move some think hers will But other bitches gotta pop a pill To even feel 10% of her sex appeal, chill She's a flight catcha and a train taker Hands down or up shes a money maker She never once show her girl or her boyfriend But shell tell you shes in love with the camera lens 7 Letters Coked Out San Francisco Bay Pineapple Juice 3 So What A.

Your friend sends you the most amazing snap with art drawn on it that looks impossible to have achieved on a cell phone.

Rock, meanwhile, was dressed in a black jacket and black jeans with matching trainers.

Shes in love wit the camera lens And the triple dark tint on the champagne benz She stand out amongst all her friends And I can already see that she get them ends She looks deep in the cameras soul And with no control she gets the perfect pose It don't matter everywhere she goes She turns simple things into designer shows A lot of cats have to call the bank Just to order one bottle of what she dranks Shes in love with the cameras eyes She knows God gave her prize And she shows the guys Her heart lays where the money lies And if you don't recognize You better read the signs Shes gonna live in the world divine Man even if shes gotta make the camera cry Shes in love with the cameras lust But to a rap cat it really ain't strange to us And do her move so dangerous Man are you down for me?

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