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Rowland grew up inspired by Whitney Houston and—like her idol—sang in the church choir.At 7, Rowland's mother left her father due to domestic abuse and moved the family to Houston, Texas.

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“I can truly relate to my character because I remember having my own celibate moment, where I was like, ‘I am not playing games anymore,’” says the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/actress, 35.“I wish I had an emotional condom when I was in my 20s,” Rowland says.“I dated this one guy and was stimulated by his conversation but he had his eyes on, like, eight other women.“I got to the point where I was like, ‘God, I want a husband!’ ” The two-hour movie, written and directed by Nzingha Stewart, follows Margot and her friends Gabby (Megan Goode), Billie (Keri Hilson) and Nell (Kellee Stewart) — who all work at an upscale digital magazine in LA — as they look for love in different ways (bisexuality, open marriage).

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