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In this, the first in a series about the past, present and future of the Fiv At the beginning of the documentary "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent," which opens in the Valley Friday at Harkins Shea, the handsome old title character pads around what appear to be ancient Mex...

It's not everyday we have the pleasure of welcoming to the Valley one of the leading voices in the Spanish-speaking literature world.

” It seems inevitable that Robby and Jess will explore their intense chemistry, but New Girl is great at sidestepping the seemingly inevitable. Written by New Girl veteran staff writer/story editor Noah Garfinkel, this episode weaves together most of its story elements with a deft touch and an affectionate grasp on its characters, regulars or not.

The results obtained are 4.5-5.0 ka, which is in good agreement with previous estimates of 4-6 ka on the basis of radiometric, do-simetric and palynological methods.

Even Donovan (Trent Garrett), the hot new bartender hired by Cece to bring in more female customers, has a sweet vacancy.

(When Cece glances over his modeling contract and tells him he’s getting screwed, his throwaway “awwww” is an endearing touch.) “Ready”’s A-story gets Schmidt into the gym where he can offer encouragement to Jess and exposition to the viewer.

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