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Unlike everything else connected to computers, this was fun.

Humans have tried to connect with each other since they discovered that there were other humans to connect with. Here are five facts about online dating, uncovered by Pew: 1.

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Online dating looks easy – as easy as hitting the ‘Like’ button on a photograph of someone you like, or swiping right on a dating app.Recently, Madhvi Ahuja, an entrepreneur with a business management background, and Kiren Rai, a writer and arts promoter, debuted their book, , which explores the world of online dating in India.The novel follows the lives of three well-off individuals, trapped in unhappy situations, who then turn to the relative anonymity of chat sites in their quest to reinvent themselves and find love online. The word “online dating” can stir up very different responses.It is a booming business, yet some are still afraid to admit they are online dating and some are afraid to even start because of horror stories.

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