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Earlier this month a newborn baby girl was found dumped in a bush in Delft.A passerby found the little girl wrapped in a blanket near the Tsunami informal settlement.Parents need to know that this series is fraught with strong language, fiery arguments, and examples of blue-collar lifestyles rarely seen on TV.Although it's clear that family members love one another, theirs are not "warm fuzzy" relations.The youngster spoke of 28 gangsters who force him to join them.One of the six who brought the case to court, Werner Wessels was quoted in a statement saying: "They [gangsters] want to have sex with me and threaten to stab me if I tell the officials.

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One young inmate, who was not named, told the judge in a hearing on February 4 at Pretoria High Court that he feared for his life in jail, that he had been raped several times and also contracted HIV."Zero Feet Away" is the tagline, and it features two, shirtless, almost-kissing men.Manhunt says that the ad sparked dozens of complaints which began pouring into its Massachusetts headquarters, but one mom blogger pushed their ads to national attention.The Players: Manhunt, a gay dating site founded in 2001 with over 6.5 million members and their new, racy, gay billboards; Kelly Cole, co-president of the Valley View elementary PTA who thinks those ads are too racy and gay.The Opening Serve: Manhunt's recent ad campaign for the location-based dating app has hit billboards in Los Angeles.

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