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He tells us that he heard from his probation officer, who had some questions about his recent appearance on Leah Remini’s A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath. He was the focus of episode 7, “Enemies of the Church.” In the episode, we learned that he chose to stick by his parents, who had been “declared suppressive persons” — deemed enemies of the church.But his brother Craig chose to stay in Scientology, and that meant he had to “disconnect” from Brandon and their parents.And I think we can safely say that, in fact, in real life, Brandon had never taken a dick up his ass before.I say this having watched the entire 43-minute video twice, including the behind-the-scenes stuff, and I’m just saying that I buy it."There's a tremendous need for this kind of product," said Hines, a computer scientist and former Bell Labs engineer.Roxxxy won't be available for delivery for several months, but Hines is taking pre-orders through his Web site, True, where thousands of men have signed up.

And whenever he mumbles something along the lines of “that feels good,” he is clearly lying, and we all know they told him to say that.It devastated Brandon, who was very close to his brother and who was also dealing with undiagnosed mental health issues.(Scientology demonizes the mental health industry, and Brandon’s parents had never tried to get him standard care for what turned out to be a bipolar condition.) In a manic episode, Brandon drove from San Diego to Los Angeles and threw a hammer through a window at a Scientology “org” there, filled with rage that his family had been torn apart.Lifelike dolls, artificial sex organs and sex-chat phone lines have been keeping the lonely company for decades.But Roxxxy takes virtual companionship to a new level.

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