Dating moron

He remembered of the week Trump hosted: A shallow ratings stunt? There was a small sliver of hope he was just playing a moronic character to win over his following.

Nope, turns out the Commander in Chief really IS a dope in dope's clothing.

Otherwise, you might be in for a big surprise or make a complete moron of yourself in front of your new Polish girlfriend.

Urban Dictionary defines polish girl as a “Smart, pretty, faithful, horny girl who has big boobs and a nice ass… She's a Lady in the streets and a Freak in the bed.” Anyone who has dated a polish girl would probably agree with this definition!

Two lovely women, Maité and Idolka, assisted by lovely and talented staff await to titillate your palate. (33) 50-41-81 calle 12 #16A, corner avenida Tarafa tel. Now the once-a-day service is back but it does not end here anymore : it goes through Remedios and Caibarien and and comes back from Cayo Santa Maria. which features four huts (cabanas) with toilets and shower, bar, dining room, childrens' park, lots of animals (ducks, hens, roosters, turkeys, horses, sheep and the local dog and croc) and the whole rigamarole of an old-time farm served with energy from the sun (yep, solar panels ; ).Forget that nonsense about “only love matters.” Yes, love can theoretically conquer all – but culture matters when dating.Before you enter the world of Polish dating, you better be aware of some of the basics of Polish culture.Among its attractions, you'll enjoy (66 sq km), largest fresh water reserve in Cuba where fish (tilapia, carp and tarpon) are waiting to be caught and its famous flamingos (rowboat rentals) are waiting to be watched.You can also fish on lake A remote village, still "under the radar" and worth a detour ... Once was a sugar town - the Cunagua mill was closed in 2003 - whose staff lived in wood houses.

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