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My blood boils when I have a full mailbox, but not one item is personal in nature.

And just because I reuse and recycle the reams of useless paper, applications, and coupons that I am sent is no justification for the waste my mailbox produces.

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(Available to US residents only.) Virtually all credit card and insurance companies get your mailing and credit information from one of the three major national credit bureaus, who share their lists between one another. To remove your name from major nationwide sweepstakes mailers, contact: Again the first couple of times I received these coupon packs, I was sure I would save heaps of money. Tonic Mail Stopper (formerly Green Dimes) promises a cleaner mailbox in 90 days for . has a National Do Not Mail List, which is free to enroll in.

Pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (1997), consumers can call any one of the credit bureaus, and upon request can have their name removed from all three lists. When you order something from a catalog, your name and address is likely given to Abacus, an alliance of mostly catalog and publishing companies.

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