Weathering geochronology by u thhe dating of goethite

In all samples with internal stratigraphy or independent age constraints, the He ages corroborated the expected relationships.These data demonstrate that internally consistent He ages can be obtained on goethite, but do not prove quantitative He retention.Here we present detailed palaeomagnetic investigation coupled with mineral magnetic and petrographic analyses of a red soil sequence at Qiliting, southeastern China.

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Therefore, reliable chronostratigraphic framework of the red soil sequences is pivotal for these research efforts.

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The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program's (ICDP) Expedition (FAR-DEEP) successfully completed drilling operations on the Fennoscandian Shield resulting in recovery of 3650 m of core from 15 holes drilled through sedimentary and volcanic formations recording several global environmental changes spanning the time interval 2500-2000 Ma, including the Great Oxidation Event (GOE).

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