Older men dating younger women blogs

First, there is the fact that before meeting him, I spent nearly seven years on and off dating sites – and on two continents. In the US, I was likely to hear from men 10 to 20 years older.

I wasn’t up for becoming Nurse Nancy, and that seemed in some instances the only option!

Online dating stats bare out that average joes are just as enamored with younger women as their famous counterparts.

Each example disgusts me anew in a way that’s probably not entirely defensible: I think I might be angrier about these couples than I am about a good many important political issues.

The freshness and vitality of a younger woman may be just what an older man needs after, perhaps, spending much of the last, say, 10-15 years since graduation focussing on his career and working hard to get ahead—sometimes at the expense of his social life and existing relationship #2 being with a younger woman often makes older men feel younger in themselves; many older men psychologically feel that they have a new “lease on life” once they start dating and commence a relationship with a younger woman.I was only on the site three days when I first sent a message to Pamela and she sent a message back almost right away.Over the next few days we began chatting and soon talking on the phone. we have now met in person and we really have fallen in love.I know, I know: Why care that two consenting adults are canoodling when a demagogue is about to take the White House?(Donald Trump, for the record, is 24 years older than his wife Melania, and each time he’s gotten married, it’s been to a younger woman.

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