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Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard; 3 November 1954) is an English singer and musician.He gained popularity as the lead singer of new wave group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring 10 UK top ten hits from 1980 to 1983, including three UK No. He has also worked as an actor, appearing in over two dozen films and television episodes from 1985 to 2003.Adam Ant swans into his Kensington mews apartment an hour late, wearing motorbike leathers, a cigarette between his teeth.After numerous tribulations, he’s to make a dramatic comeback to music next month, with his first full tour in more than 15 years.

But I apologised and things had got better between us by the time everything kicked off in 2008.'I was completely devastated and I phoned Grandma to tell her how hurt I was to suddenly be dismissed again.

As the crowd files out, more than one person wonders whether he has suffered one of his now sadly infamous episodes.

Two weeks later, and Ant is pottering about his mews house in South Kensington, west London, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

Going to the bar isn’t an option – it has already closed for the night. Staff are even putting out the rubbish as the action continues onstage, the night swiftly descending towards the farcical. Ant and his band think nothing of inserting Deep Purple‘s Black Night into Shaking All Over, a musical crime on several levels, and nor is the mood improved by a turgid cover of Honky Tonk Women.

What happens instead is that some songs, a stately Prince Charming aside, are stretched to interminable lengths, so much so that it becomes possible to contemplate an all too rare gigging experience, that of two comfort breaks in the same song.

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