Who is lee thompson young dating

He was seen in famous comedy show Scrubs where he played as overweight child who romances with Medical Intern.

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Night Lights as Chris Comer who unfortunately died in 2013 at the age of 29.

No traces of opiates, alcohol, cocaine or other drugs were found in his system. 19 after he missed a call time on a production set and his manager requested a welfare check. The gun recovered from the scene was a 40 caliber Sig Sauer semi-automatic registered to Young, the coroner report said.

The actor didn't leave a suicide note, and his specific motive remains a mystery, officials said. You don't just do this," a close friend who's known Young since he was a teenager previously told the Daily News.

The star, who was 29 at the time of his death, "didn't drink or party," says a source, adding, "He was the opposite.

Lee loved to travel and was always the first to tell everyone to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of life." He was always "gentle and unassuming," despite his early success, and didn't have the typical "look-at-me" attitude.

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