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Jared slides his lubed bareback meat inside of Isaac, going slow at first but Isaac’s tight ass is just too tempting and Jared fucks it harder and deeper.

These two studs try a few other positions as Isaac gets his ass pounded raw while he massages his own cock gently, watching while Jared pulls himself in and out of Isaac’s entrance.

In more MMSL related terms, the male Sex Rank takes a little longer to build and the female Sex Rank is weighed towards the younger model.

Most couples are going to clump around the average and have normal age spread between the couple between about zero and five years in favor of the husband being older than the wife.

The father of Lincoln, 3, didn’t waste time getting back out there, as he spent the weekend with friends to celebrate his graduation from Airman Leadership School. The MTV star was busted for “acquiring or otherwise exercising control over property, assorted cosmetics, of the value of or more but less than 0, from the stock and inventory of CVS pharmacy.” She pled guilty and paid 0 in fines and court costs. Radar was the first to report on the relationship, as Marroquin told Radar when they began dating, “She’s beautiful.

As for Channing Walls, she had a boozy weekend out as well. We’re getting to know each other right now.” As for Lowry, she’s focusing on welcoming her third child with her mystery baby daddy in the summer.

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He’s a little older and it’s easier to lead someone younger than you, so there’s a nice built in Alpha dynamic there.

I know it sounds trivial, but all the little milestones like turning 40, if the husband hits them first…

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