Who is chrystina sayers dating

She received high praises from the judges on several strong performances and won one challenge.

Chrystina has stated that she did not think she would make it into the group before Robin Antin made the surprising reveal that Girlicious would have 4 members.

Their self-titled debut album was released in Canada in August 2008 and reached number two on the Canadian Albums Chart.

After Anderson left the group in June 2009, Girlicious signed with Universal Music Canada and released their second studio album, Rebuilt, in November 2010.

Chrystina was adopted by ex-NFL player Ron Sayers (who is of African American descent) and a Japanese mother, Nancy. Chrystina describes herself as more of a tomboy as child, but is still one at heart.

It comes as no surprise to see decent business for during the weekdays: It’s an older adult-skewing title (Screen Engine/Com Score’s Post Trak reports 77% females, 70% over 25), and that crowd also prefers to dodge weekend crowds at the multiplex.Of the 26 titles that were tracked per industry estimates, they racked up .6M, which is 2% from the same quantity in 2012, when Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday.Among the top films that played Valentine’s Day when it fell on a weekday (outside FSS), per early evening estimates looks to rake in between M-.8M on Valentine’s Day, a midweek holiday haul that still fills rival distribution chiefs with envy.In 2011, it was announced that she was a part of the new line-up of the Pussycat Dolls.Chrystina had a relationship with model/dancer Joe Slaughter, whom she met on the show.

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