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The report for fiscal year 2017 has not been released yet. Despite the recent immigration policy ordered by U. President Donald Trump, most arrests of Costa Rican citizens in the United States are related to traffic stops and incidents, the foreign ministry said.Earlier in May, the Costa Rican foreign ministry issued a statement claiming that an average of 200 and 300 Costa Rican citizens are deported each year. The arrests are made when the Costa Rican did not have their proper documentation at the time of the police officer intervening.More than 90 percent of the population are baptized Roman Catholics.The Central American nation of Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that does not possess a standing military.The armed forces’ budget was then shifted to internal security goals by redirecting funds to the police force, education, environmental protection and cultural preservation. According to the most recent reports issued on removal operations, the agency deported 157 Costa Rican nationals for fiscal year 2016.A part of the world you're definitely missing out on is the Czech Republic,…

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Costa Rica's political life has generally been tranquil. Since then, Costa Rica has held to a tradition of orderly, democratic rule.

On the international front, Costa Rica is currently involved in a border dispute with Nicaragua, which includes the occupation by a contingent of Nicaraguan army troops of disputed territories along the San Juan River since last year.

The river traditionally has served as a natural border between the two countries, but Nicaragua altered the river’s course last year, resulting in a newfound control of the disputed Calero Island, at least for the time being.

That number is small in comparison to other countries in Latin America. Costa Rica did not place in the top ten of removals by citizenship since 2013, the data shows. The consuls are supposed to follow-up on any detentions by the United States and other governments made upon Costa Rican citizens, said Óscar Camacho, the head of all the consuls.

It is also small in comparison to previously issued data by U. From the moment the consul has the information that a Costa Rican is detained, they contact the police authority that stopped him to find out the process to be followed.

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