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Stanley entered that market in 1869, and by 1900 it was the dominant player, often buying out competitors. All Stanley tools were numbered; Stanley’s metal bench planes were first numbered based on size—the No.1 was 5 ½ inches long while the No. Many of the company’s planes and tools became standard for every woodworker’s tool kit, including the No. 71 Router Complete With Box And Original Instructions Vintage Stanley No.

One of the keys to Stanley’s success was to continually put tantalizing new products in front of consumers, whether they needed them or not. The company also made six aluminum models, which have the letter “A” before their model numbers. 80 scrapper (used to give wood a glass-like surface) and the classic No. 71 Router Plane Stanley # 65 Low Angle Block Plane 7" Long 1 5/8" Cutter Original Box Usa Vintage Stanley No.2 Sweetheart Smooth Plane User Or Parts Vintage Stanley No.2 Wood Plane Made In Usa Stanley No # 71 Router Plane Open Throat Foot Rod Casting Thumb Nut Collar Screw Stanley Bedrock No. 45 Combination Planes In Wooden Box Stanley Bailey No.7 Usa Plane Woodworking Old Tools Vintage Collectable Lot Of 3 Stanley Bedrock 605 1/2 Planes(9) Vintage Long Stanley Socket Chisels With 720 Handles (see Below)Vntg Stanley Trammel Point Beam Compass In Orig Case - Draughtsman Cartography Green Bag Bobblehead Supreme Court Justice Stanley Reed Mint#1 Stanley Sweetheart Plane Very Rare Stanley Bedrock No 602-c Type 3-4 Number 2 Corrugated Plane Stanley Plane No 2Vintage Stanley # 45 Complete Molding Plane Set In A Wood Carry Case Stanley No. 71 Router Plane With One Blade Stanley Bedrock 605 Sweetheart Wood Plane Estate Find Stanley No.

I don't know if the plastic wheel indicates your Defiance is a wartime plane or not. The plastic knob does indicate manufacture during World War II.

[QUOTE=Kemil Pepin;1468779 The plastic knob does indicate manufacture during World War II .[/QUOTE] The other characteristic of the wartime planes is more mass than pre-war planes.

In the United States, the words “tools and hardware” and “Stanley” are almost synonymous.

The company began modestly in 1843, when Frederick T.

It went for .99cents, I don't have the heart to belittle this tool that much, and the casting and mechanisms are solid, as is the sole and squared sides etc, I am hoping a Hock blade will fit or require little modification and we'll see what the .99 cent special will do, cripes it cost 10.70 to ship. I have a wartime #6 Stanley Bailey that has a plastic adjusting wheel. This type of plane is prone to chattering if pushed too hard.They are particularly practical for routing dadoes for shelves, stair stringers or where pieces of hardware are to be recessed into the surface or edge of a board, such as large hinges or lock strikes, etc.It is not possible to show all these, but the user will soon discover places where these tools will prove their value."They are sorta D-shaped, with two turned hardwood knobs (beech or maple) on each end.From what I can glean from the web, it's a #5 plane. That being said I have used one and they really arent that bad of a plane.Not as good as Stanley's Bailey line though due to rougher castings/machining and the absence of a frog adjuster.

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