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The price is often a good indication of the condition of the doll, but not always.

My first thought was that I would buy a cheap Dimples doll (often these are listed as "for repair or parts") and fix her up on my own.

Edited by Ellen Tsagaris, Doll Collecting Expert Everyone discovers a doll sooner or later that is hard to identify.

A good doll identification guide will always help, as will a magnifying glass.

No history of vintage dolls could be written without Horsman. As the new century dawned, his company began producing its own cloth and composition dolls. The Babyland Rag series of dolls ranged from 11″ to 30″ tall.

Horsman began retailing toys and novelties imported from Germany in the mid-1800s.

Here are some general steps to follow that may help you identify the name and/or manufacturer of a doll.

First, examine the doll thoroughly in good, clear lighting.

This doll appears in two of my posts (Crazed Dolls and Arizona Doll and Toy Museum), but doesn't really feature in either of them.In 1930 the Horsman company acquired the Louis Amberg & Son doll company, their competitor and continued to produce some of Amberg's dolls notably the Vanta Baby.In October 1933 Horsman was purchased and became a subsidiary of the Regal Doll Manufacturing Company.These are Horsman's Patsy type competitors and replaced the above Peggy dolls. Co., H 1938 Horsman Baby Buttercup doll, 11", all rubber fully jointed baby doll with dark painted molded hair, brown sleep eyes, open mouth. Face mold looks similar to the Sister and Whatsit dolls with an open mouth.1937 Horsman Jo Jo doll, 12" tall, all composition, came as both a boy or girl, has molded hair underneath the mohair wig, Jo Jo has a long mohair wig in pigtails, closed rosebud mouth, tin painted or sleep brown eyes, doll mark Jo-Jo 1937 Horsman. 1937 Horsman Whatsit Dolls, dolls are 14 or 16" tall, all composition with molded hair, right arm is bent (like Patsy) came dressed in a cotton dress with leather shoes; Jeanie has molded hair with a small topknot, tin painted eyes, mama crier, Naughty Sue with a topknot molded hair, Roberta with brown molded hair in braids curled into a bun over each ear. 1937 Horsman Brother doll, 21" tall and Horsman Sister doll, 23" tall, both have composition head and limbs, painted tin sleep eyes, molded hair, she with a small topknot, cloth body.Sue at 14" may have a body twist waist.1931 Horsman Little Buttercup doll, 12" or Horsman Buttercup doll, 16-19" tall, first dolls have a composition head and limbs with cloth baby body, in 1932 Buttercup's head was replaced by hard rubber so it became an all rubber doll, came dressed in a lovely sheer dress with matching bonnet, marked: E. Both have comical faces with small puckered closed mouth, hers more so than his Doll mark: Brother or Sister 1937 Horsman.

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