Gmail on phone not updating

But finally with this site I come up with the APN reset solution.

I did it and also I have found that google services had the check mark ON for restrict background data.

Just now for example, I couldn't synchronize manually at all.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I love the new Gmail app. My only problem is that it doesn't sync emails (I don't receive any new notifications when new emails arrive, I have to manually click refresh in the app which is annoying) when I'm on Mobile Data.However, these shenanigans do not reinforce my trust in the phone. Kind regards, Theo Hi @Teejoow Hm, glad it eventually worked out. I've never had any problems with syncing my Google account (calendar, photos, contacts, mail ...) or any account (Facebook, Twitter etc.) for that matter.working on your i Phone, but now you’re on vacation and it suddenly stopped.Setting/data usage/google services I have never touched this option before so I don't know why it was checked. After that I can sync "Sync Push subscription" and now works. Fone is the World’s 1st Data Recovery and Backup Software for Android Smartphones.

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