Michael dell options backdating

Our enforcement and litigation capabilities are complemented by our strength in all aspects of securities regulation.

Our broker-dealer, financial services and investment management lawyers have navigated some of the most complex regulatory challenges faced by domestic and international market participants, and have played a pivotal role providing regulatory advice to clients—including investment banks, investment advisers and companies, as well as hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles—in the current financial crisis.

It's the latest scandal to hit corporate America-companies appear to have backdated stock options to insiders so they're more valuable.

Software can help flag even the appearance of wrongdoing.

Wilmer Hale's securities practice of more than 200 lawyers offers premier enforcement, litigation and regulatory capabilities, and is widely recognized for its experience in all aspects of capital markets, investment management, broker-dealer and financial services regulation.

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What makes the million Dell settlement noteworthy is not its amount but its timing – the settlement comes not only after the securities lawsuit had been dismissed with prejudice at the district court level, but following oral argument on the plaintiffs’ subsequent appeal to the Fifth Circuit.The strike price, or exercise price, of the option is the companys share price on the date the option was granted by the board.The options become vested, or exercisable, usually after a specified period, often one year from issuance.They receive this additional compensation only if the firms share price rises.Options for executives typically are granted by the board or its compensation committee.

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