Dating ovation guitars by serial number

Example: hm02316 = the 316th unit made on June 2 of 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, or 2001. If you still can’t figure it out, please see Yamaha contact info at the bottom of this page. Tenryu/Wada Factory, Made in Japan, 1969-1984: ######.

Custom Shop, Made in Japan, 1966-1985: 001-1042 in sequence Custom Shop, Made in Japan, 1986-1990: Letter-####, like so: J7012.

Instead, these guitars use 22 smaller holes positioned along the edges of the body near the neck.

The Ovation Guitar Company is a manufacturer of guitars.

Ovation primarily manufactures steel-string acoustic guitars (both 6 and 12-string versions) and nylon-string acoustic guitars, often with pickups for electric amplification.

I think I got it in 2001, so do I assume that the 20 is referring to 2000?

Cheers Hi All, My first proper guitar was an Epiphone AJ-10 in black.

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