Ioi dating

Girls connect on physical and emotional level after all (yes, even for friends with benefits).

So, if she keeps asking you questions and listens to your conversations, then you can be sure that she is genuinely interested in you, your life and how you feel.

is for sure the next rising star in the Kpop industry.

Since the disbandment of her group, IOI, the young artists is still busy as a bee with her new activities, but still no new update on her love life.

It would be unwise to call a shy conservative girl sexy where cute may be more appropriate, just as calling her sexy within the first 10 minutes of meeting her will resonate differently if you have already been on a date and spent time together.

If you don’t know whether a girl likes you or not, then you’re just flying blind, and that’s bad news!

However, if you find it hard to know if a girl likes you or not, it’s your fault.

Usually where guys go wrong is that they are too explicit in their statement of intent, so they seem needy or horny and they fail to say it with conviction.

You do not want your IOI to be awkward because then when they think about sex with you what feelings will they have?

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