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I read my magazine for a few more minutes, then Tommy appears in the doorway and says "Mom, is it okay if I come in and talk with you for a while? Your father is sleeping." He walks over to the bed and begins to sit down, but I say "Tommy stop! Take off the towel you have around your waist and throw it over on the chair." My son stands up facing me, then slowly pulls the towel away from him. He throws the towel on the chair, then sits down on the edge of the bed next to me and starts slowly jacking it up and down while we have conversation.

I tell him not to play with himself like that because his father may wake up at moment and see him.

I am laying in bed reading a magazine while my husband sleeps next to me.

I hear him come in the house, take a shower, then it is quiet.

I also consider myself as a reward to the gentlemen who savors the finest things and pleasures in life. As a well traveled, college educated, and creatively involved in the fine arts, young woman, you’ll find us enjoying sparkling conversation in conjunction with my abilities and affinity for the erotic.

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I hear a car pull in our driveway,and I am happy that my son Tommy came home before midnight.

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While my wife was getting ready I talked to her mother for about half an hour during which I was hesitant and she was confident and immaculate about everything she has spoken.

For as long as I can remember, I've desired my sister's husband, Joseph. He was the guy I would've wanted to take my virginity, if I haven't already given it away to some schmuck who was half the man he was, who was just interested in spilling his seed all over me without a care if I came or not.

But out of all the things about her family, the most stunning thing is the beauty of her mother. It was a formal meeting by our families and I was introduced to their family by my father.

My wife’s mother is a spectacular beauty and I couldn’t resist myself looking at her repeatedly in that meeting.

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